12/6/18 – 181206

Group Warm up 

Group Mobility 


Strict press – 5×1. Rest 2 minutes between sets, increase the weight each set to find todays heavy single!


WOD ( Workout of the Day ) 

“Lynne” with bells.

5 rounds for max reps!

Max effort unbroken dumbbell bench press RX 55/35 RX+ 70/50 Lv.2 35/20

-Rest 30 seconds-

Max effort unbroken strict unbroken pull ups

Rest 2/3 minutes

Example – Bill does 21 unbroken dumbbell bench press and fails the 22nd rep. He takes his 30 second rest and then completes 7 unbroken strict pull ups. He has successfully completed 28 reps, he notes his score on the board and takes a 3 minute rest before starting the next round.