11/6/17 – "Raging bull"

Group Warm up 

Group Mobility 


15 minutes to establish a new 1 rep max front squat – rest as needed between attempts.

WOD ( Workout of the Day ) 

"Raging bull" 

15 minute AMRAP – in a team of 2, switch as needed. 

70/60 Calorie assault bike 

60 Toe to bar 

50 Barbell thrusters (45/35lb) 

40 Thrusters (95/65lb) 

30 Thrusters (115/80lb) 

20 Thrusters (135/95lb) 

10 Thrusters (155/105lb) 

**Max toe to bar with the time remaining – this is your team score! 

EXTRA: 6x50ft sled push – heavy as possible while maintaining one continuous push. Rest 2:00 between sets.