10/17/17 – "3/1 Intervals"

Group Warm up 

Group Mobility 


10×2 Split jerk – rest 60-90 seconds between doubles. The focus is on footwork and driving under the bar!

WOD ( Workout of the Day ) 

"3/1 Intervals" 

3 minutes on, one minute off. 

3 minutes to complete: 

2 rope climbs 

10/7 calorie row 

max shoulder to overhead with the remaining time. 

*Rest one minute after three minutes of work. Continue this pattern until 75 shoulder to overheads are completed! 24 minute time cap/ 6 intervals. 

RX: 115/75lb Level 2: 95/65lb RX+: 155/105lb 

EXTRA: 4x50ft yoke carry – Heavy as possible.