11/14/16 – "Cold Brew"

Group Warm up 

Group Mobility



6×3 Back squat – Build to a heavy triple for the day. Rest 2:00 between sets. 

4×15-20 Banded KB swings – Rest 1:00 between sets. 

*These should be done in a super set fashion. Do three back squats rest 2:00, then do 15 KB swings rest 1:00, repeat for 6 sets of back squats and four sets of swings. 

WOD ( Workout of the day ) 

"Cold Brew" 

In a team of 2

Set up rings and a rope. Athlete one has 60 seconds to complete as many rope climbs as possible. At the end of the 60 seconds athlete one moves on to the rings and athlete 2 moves to the rope. Repeat for 6 rounds. 

60 seconds – Rope Climbs 

60 Seconds – Ring dips 

*6 rounds total, score is number of reps completed. 

*All workouts can be scaled on an individual basis.