11/4/16 – "Dandy"

Group Warm up 
Group Mobility 


5 x 1 – Hi Hang Snatch + Hang snatch – 2:00 rest between doubles. 

WOD ( Workout of the Day ) 


20 Minute AMRAP, in teams of 3. 

         2 people are always working and 1 is always resting. At the count of 3,2,1 go! Athlete A starts performing burpees. Athlete B pushes a sled 120ft to Athlete C. Athlete C pushes the sled back 120ft to Athlete A – Athlete C now performs burpees. This cycle will continue until the 20 minutes expires. 

*Sled weight is (185/125) M – 75lb sled + 45's + 10's. F – 75lb sled + 25's. 

*Team score is total burpees – Communication is key!