10/10/16 – "The Running Man"

Group Warm up 

Group Mobility 


20 minutes to find a new 1 rep Clean & Jerk – Rest as needed between attempts. Start with the naked bar and build in weight.

We have been working hard the past 11 weeks! today is the day to push the envelope.  

WOD ( Workout of the Day ) 

"The Running Man" 

12 minute time cap

400m run 

21 DB Clean & Jerks (55/35lb)

400m run 

15 DB Clean & Jerks (55/35lb)

400m run 

9 DB Clean & Jerks (55/35lb)

*If you don't finish before the cap, your workout is total number of reps completed. The 400m run counts as 1 rep – 48 total reps. 

**All workouts can be scaled on an individual basis.