Hailey Penzak

CFF8: Athlete Spotlight

Name: Hailey Penzak

Occupation: Police Officer &Clinical Psychology Master’s student

Class you attend: Noon class

How long have you been CrossFitting: 1.5 yrs.

How is your free time spent: Most of my time outside of work and CrossFit is spent napping, going to school andhanging out with my husband and ourthree crazy dogs. When I can, I also love to travel and scuba dive!

What made you drink the CrossFit “Kool-Aid”? My husband had been doing CrossFit for a couple months and would come home and tell me all about it. At first, I was content with P90x and Insanity DVD’s, but it became monotonous and I didn’t feel like working out anymore. The first time I came to CrossFit, I felt so out of my comfort zone that I didn’t come back for another couple months. I finallymade the decision to try it again and now I am hooked!

Athletic background: I played tennis in high school and I rowed in college at Michigan State.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? CrossFit has changed my life because now I make it a priority to live healthier and to work out frequently. I feel like I have more endurance and I push myself harder to obtain my goals, and when I do, I set new ones! It has definitely made me a more confident person and I’ve made some amazing new friends!

Tell us something most people wouldn’t know about you: I lived in Russia for two months when I was finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree.

Favorite cheat food: Reese’s peanut butter cups…actually,anything with chocolate and peanut butter!

Goals for next year: Muscle ups have been a top priority! But I also would like to do handstand pushups without a mat and increase weight on my lifts, especially on the dreaded snatch.

Work-outs & Lifts

Favorite WODs – Diane, Elizabeth & anything w/ DUs

Favorite lift – Deadlifts & Power Cleans

Least Favorite WODs – Karen & Fran

Least Favorite Lift – Snatch

From the coaches:

Hailey is one of the more determined female athletes at Fate.Juggling a career as a police office, school and a family (dogs count!) she still manages to make it to the gym on a consistent basis. She is always pushing to improve her overall fitness level as well as individual workouts; she even tackled a majority of the open WODs this year twice! It’s this motivation that leads to Hailey’s success; once she set her mind to something, she is full speed. Currently I believe her motivation is focused on trying to accomplish a muscle up before her husband Shawn. That’s great! Keep up the hard work and stayed determined, you’ll continue to see the results.