JaVaugn Jones

Occupation: Owner ‘Closest Place to Home’ (Assisted Living)

Class you attend: Night classes 6:30pm / CrossFitting for 1 year

How did you find out about CrossFit: I was a person who lived in Powerhouse gyms when almost 2 years ago, a friend of mine called me from California and told me about CrossFit. I remember saying “What the hell is that?” After a few Google searches and some videos from previous CrossFit Games, I said, “Oh, I can do that!” It was definitely not as easy as it looked on TV! However, the camaraderie, the competitive spirit, and the great coaches and members of CrossFit Fate made it more and more attainable and fun. The craving for more grew with each WOD I attended.

What does CrossFit mean to you or what keeps you coming back to CrossFit: Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments; CrossFit has been an amazing disciple in my health, in my eating habits and in my individual growth as an athlete and an all-around person.

Recent Accomplishments: T-1st place in CF Fate V CF Ignition throw-down (Men’s scaled)*Fist Pump*

Main goal for 2013: To be able compete in the open-level competition without getting my butt kicked!

Interesting Fact: I saw the Vatican, toured Rome and lived in a monastery for a month.

Favorite cheat food: Honey Chex-Mix…the WHOLE bag!!

Workouts & Weights

Favorite WOD: Grace 3:53 RX

Favorite lift: Deadlift – 455#

Least favorite WOD: Fran – 9:27 RX

Least favorite lift: Front Squats – 265#

From the coaches:

In my opinion, Jay took one of the toughest routes into CrossFit by showing up on Saturday afternoon’s and doing Hero WODS with a few of our more competitive athletes. One of Jay’s very first workouts at CFF8 was “The Seven”; HSPUs, thrusters, K2E, heavy deadlifts, burpees, KBS & Pull-ups. Since that day, Jay has made nothing but positive improvements and it’s very cool to be able to see him progress each day; he faces all new challenges head on. He can now easily squat below parallel, gained a tremendous amount of mobility in his shoulders, wrists and fingers, is no longer scared to kick up on that wall for some HSPU attempts and can throw around some serious weight! Jay brings a unique personality and intensity to the night classes and is never in a bad mood; unless he realizes that the 5K run posted the night before really wasn’t a joke! Jay is willing to put in the hours it takes to see results and his recent win in the throw-down is proof of that; congratulations, Jay. You earned that! I have no doubt that we will hear Jay’s name called in the open men’s division very soon. Keep coming with that positive attitude and laid back personality, Jay!