Erin Abrams

Occupation: Human Resources Manager

Class you attend: 6:00 a.m. – she’s a morning person

Hobbies outside CFF8: Spending time with her boys (6yrs. & 8 yrs.)

What made you drink the CrossFit “Kool-Aid”? Lisa Simmons. She would ask me every week to go with her on Saturday. She is relentless!

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? Before CrossFit, I ran a lot and did Pilates occasionally. My husband, Jason, was always telling me that I needed to lift weights, but I never listened because I didn’t want to get bulky. After I got a stress fracture in my femur, I had to cut back on running and was struggling to find something else that challenged me. Lisa Simmons kept asking me to go to boot camp with her and I finally caved. Since starting CrossFit I feel stronger & more well-rounded

Main goal(s) for 2013: Bandless ring dips, stringing together more pull ups and double-unders without a single in between. I would also like Matt and Tyler not to cringe when I lift anything over my head; I have issues getting my head through the window.

Recent Accomplishments: I started kipping pull ups and HPSUs recently, so that is exciting!!!

Workouts & Lifts

Favorite WOD: Nancy – there is running!

Favorite lift – cleans (power,squat,hang)

Least favorite WOD: Isabel – I can’t stand her

Least favorite lift: Snatching

Embarrassing guilty pleasure: I recently became addicted to the Harry Potter books. This is helping me recover from my addiction to the Twilight books.

Tell us something that most people wouldn’t know about you: Jason and I met at Michigan State while working at Old Navy, and I am a notary!

From the coaches:

Erin is a prefect representation of what CrossFit is all about and I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re glad Lisa kept nagging you! Even though it’s 6am in the morning, Erin always shows up ready to put in the work required to reach her goals for the year. Her hard work showed during this year’s Memorial Day Murph workout when she, just having learned a kipping pull-up a few weeks prior, kipped all 100 pull-ups – that’s just awesome! It’s great to see such enthusiasm from Erin when it comes to the more strength orientated work-outs/lifts considering her background with running; I hope she’s learned now that CrossFit doesn’t make you bulky! Keep up the great work, Erin and take pride in all of the strides you’ve made over the past year. I can’t wait to see you accomplish all of your goals this year.