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Steve Greshock - Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit Scaling Course

3 Years Coaching Experience

Growing up, I was an active person. In high school I played football and was a diver on the swim team before I obtained an injury to my hamstring. As I entered college my interest shifted away from sports and into the gym. In and out of the weight room for a good number of years left me feeling unaccomplished and looking for something different. That is when I was introduced to CrossFit. My first workout was, well… awful! Looking back, the workout wasn’t anything too challenging, but at the time I had zero interest in ever doing another CrossFit workout again. Fast-forward a year and CrossFit was starting to gain recognition, so I decided to give it another try with an open mind. After the first week I knew I had found something special. I have gained a certain level of respect for CrossFit, for it has brought me many opportunities, but none more important than the relationships I have established. I was new to the area and had a tough time transitioning.  I joined CrossFit Fate, and it was here that I established strong relationships within the Fate community. I value the opportunity to aide in a healthy lifestyle for people. Life is busy, unfortunately health and fitness almost always takes a backseat. I truly appreciate the opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals, all while balancing family and work.