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    Tyler Hutchinson Owner/Operator Teacher/Coach

      I’m a fitness and health trainer whose passion is to teach and coach people of all fitness levels and abilities. I pride myself on teaching proper form and building a foundation of which to form a solid fitness program, custom tailored to each individual’s ability. I have 5 years' experience with over 7,000 hours of hands on instruction including individual and group lessons.   Read More...

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    Bryan McDermott - Coach

    CrossFit Level 1 Certification CrossFit Mobility Certification CrossFit Scaling Course National Personal Training Institution I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals. I know what it feels like to start something and not have help. At one point in my life I taught myself how to lose 160 lbs.   Read More...

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    Steve Greshock - Coach

    CrossFit Level 1 Certification CrossFit Scaling Course 3 Years Coaching Experience Growing up, I was an active person. In high school I played football and was a diver on the swim team before I obtained an injury to my hamstring. As I entered college my interest shifted away from sports and into the gym.   Read More...

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